SHG Swiss Consulting

Quality & Financial Audits

SHG has a Hotel Consulting department where SHG helps hotels & resorts facing challenges. Our Swiss Management Team visits the properties to audit several aspects to ensure the issues are well identified. Then, SHG Swiss Consulting offer solutions to make sure that, thanks to our advice, the client's properties will become successful again.

Staff Training

Every day new hotels open in emerging countries, however there is a lack of Hospitality Education or Staff Trainings. Therefore, many hotels suffer from lack of qualified staff. SHG helps those hotels training their staff in Geneva and also in their own premises.

Marketing Campaigns

Thanks to Tourism Consulting, SHG also work with Tourism Offices, Regional Offices and Countries in order to help them promote their sites. Indeed, SHG is well-connected around the world with tourism key players: we promote their regions or countries in the media and thanks to efficient marketing campaigns we encourage tourists from targeted countries to come visit their places.