SHG Swiss Hotels

5* SHG Hotels & Resorts


SHG manages luxury properties with a 5-star service and equipment. The hotel management team is a mix of locals and Swiss experts. Our goal is to deliver the best guest satisfaction and still guarantee shareholders success in their investment.

4* SHG Hotels & Resorts


SHG operates a chain of small luxury hotels and resorts under  its Swiss Management to ensure an excellent quality of service for their guests and achieving the financial goals for investors. Keeping a fair balance is the key to success in our luxury hotels group.

3* SHG City Hotels


There is a growing demand for economic hotels with high quality of service and equipment: good value for money where people can enjoy a wonderful stay at a reasonable price. SHG has therefore created SHG City Hotels for 3 Star properties located in cities. 

New Hospitality Projects


SHG often studies new hotels and resorts projects offered by investors. Indeed, SHG helps hedge funds and financial institutions in their investment strategies around the world by opening and operating hotels and resorts. SHG is always looking for investors and opportunities to open more hotels & resorts managed by SHG Management Team.